Crypto Boom: PSYOP Token Price Explodes 1,000% – Is It a Scam?

• PSYOP token has recently seen a massive price surge of 1000%
• The project was endorsed by crypto enthusiast Ben Armstrong and raised an impressive sum of more than $7 million in ETH transactions
• However, many have questioned the legitimacy of the new crypto project

PSYOP Token’s Explosive Price Increase

The PSYOP token has recently experienced an explosive price increase, with its value skyrocketing by over 1,000%. This fast-paced rise in value has caused a stir in the cryptocurrency market, making it one of the top trending assets on DEXTools.

Raising Funds For PSYOP

The project picked up steam after receiving endorsement from renowned crypto enthusiast, Ben Armstrong. This prompted an early sale of the novel memecoin which successfully raised more than $7 million in ETH transactions. Despite a few warning signs related to the presale, investors showed faith by pouring funds into Ben.eth’s Ethereum wallet.

Questions Raised About Legitimacy

The remarkable success of $PSYOP has sparked suspicion about its authenticity and led to questions being posed about if it might be another crypto hoax. Furthermore, Ben.eth has been subjected to considerable backlash due to his unfulfilled promises regarding the project’s future plans.

Best Meme Coins To Invest In Now

In light of this event, investors are actively seeking alternative meme coins as potential investments opportunities in order to capitalize on their current popularity and potential for growth. Some popular projects include Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Elongate (ELONG).


Though PSYOP token’s recent success is undeniable, concerns remain surrounding its legitimacy and long-term prospects. Therefore it would be wise for investors to exercise caution when considering investing in this or any other cryptocurrency project at present time.